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"As a parent and spouse of fencers at Buck County Academy of Fencing I have had the opportunity to watch the Maestro and instructors teach students of all ages and abilities. Lisa's role of liaison between students and parents helps foster the environment of learning put forth by the Maestro that allows for personal development both on and off the strip. Her ability to smoothly transition between situations ranging from providing basic information to the new parent/students to organizing high level tournaments is truly remarkable. She, along with her husband, Maestro Holbrow provide a wonderful environment of sport athletics rarely seen."
-Parent & spouse of recreational fencers

"My husband and I would like to thank you for the superb programming that you offer at Bucks County Academy of Fencing. Our daughter started with you after learning about an introductory program you offered in conjunction with a local Parks and Recreation Department. That was three years ago, and now she will be fencing on the University of Pennsylvania's fencing team!

What started as a casual interest became a passion. BCAF offered a place for her to grow. Her instructors were very patient, and she had capable instruction as she progressed in ability. She dabbled in epee, and tried foil but settled in with saber. With all three weapons she received training that was impeccable. There was no smoke and mirrors, just dedicated staff who insisted on proper instruction and were magnificent at bringing out the best in their students. We were confident that she was receiving the proper instruction by highly qualified staff.

Our family also values academics, and your club afforded our daughter the chance to learn her sport without sacrificing academic time. The dates and times available for classes and open bouting permitted her to have flexibility when taking exams or needing extra study time. In addition to academics we have always stressed the need for socialization. At your academy she has met many friends of all ages and loved attending the social events that you organize.

Mark, through your dedication to fencing, you have given our child a lifelong sport, improved her confidence and given her an understanding of how to accomplish her dreams. We could never pay you any amount of money for these gifts, I hope our heartfelt thank you will suffice."
-Parent of college-bound fencer

"After fencing competitively in high school and college, I decided to return to the sport in 2001 when I relocated to New Jersey for my job. Having had little practice in the previous seven years, I thought maybe I would take some lessons and show up to bout once in a while.

It didn't take long before I was back in competition mode. I brushed up my skills in intermediate classes for a few months, and then Maestro Holbrow invited me to join the competition training group when he saw I was serious about competing. Just over a year after joining, I fenced in my first North American Circuit tournament and started qualifying for Nationals — something I had never considered even as a college fencer. In addition, I was offered private lessons with Maestro Jim Flint.

It's very difficult to break 20 years of bad habits, but the individual attention and style of instruction from all the instructors have helped me improve my form, technique and performance tremendously. BCAF has an outstanding roster of high-level fencers, and yet every single student is encouraged to improve, excel and, most important, have fun. As fencers develop their skills, they are actively encouraged to fence more frequently and are always welcomed by the more experienced fencers.

As an adult member, I have felt as valued as students who are just starting their fencing adventures. The friendly and welcoming atmosphere of the club is also a wonderful aspect of the club. I've made many good friends and enjoyed good times joking around and socializing with everyone from 14-year-old beginners to fencing parents eager for some insight. Lots of clubs offer training and more for their best fencers. BCAF makes it fun, challenging and rewarding for everyone."
-Adult BCAF Member

Bucks County
Academy of Fencing

287 South Main Street
Lambertville, NJ 08530
Academy: 609-397-7551
Information: 215-862-6112

Bucks County
Academy of Fencing - West

1713 Bethlehem Pike
(Route 309)
Hatfield, PA 19440
Academy: 215-716-3777
Information: 215-862-6112

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